digitalCybersecurity Hub Project

The Cybersecurity Hub is the national Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), established by the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies. The objective of the Cybersecurity Hub is   to make Cyberspace an environment where all residents of South Africa can safely communicate, socialise, and transact in confidence. The Cybersecurity Hub works with stakeholders from government, the private sector, civil society and the public with a view to identifying and countering cybersecurity threats.

In creating the secure Cyberspace, the Cybersecurity Hub initiated Cybersecurity Awareness.

Part of the cybersecurity awareness initiatives was the development of the national cybersecurity awareness. The Awareness Portal is the repository for all Cybersecurity Awareness information and is used for the dissemination of Cybersecurity Awareness programs and information

Other Cybersecurity Awareness initiatives include the following:

  • Community Radio: Deputy Minister hosts one-hour program at GCIS studios - broadcast on approximately 65 community radio stations, approximately five million people. The first program focused on financial security, with SABRIC as a participant discussing financial security topic
  • Cyber Schools Toolkit: A Cyber Safety and Awareness Toolkit for school learners was developed, in partnership with UNISA, UK government and its objectives is to promote a cybersecurity mind-set and culture through an educational toolkit
  • “Qaphela Online” Newsletter: The newsletter is aimed at encouraging South African citizens to be vigilant when surfing the Internet. Various Stakeholders work with the Cybersecurity Hub in developing monthly newsletter focusing on different themes.
  • Hackathon: The Cybersecurity Hub has been collaborating with a consortium of private sector organisations – including KnowBe4, TrendMicro, BCX, Bi-Technologies, Vox Telecom, NClose, Black Rhino and Bi-Tech Africa - and the University of the Western Cape’s Future-Innovation Lab and hosted a cybersecurity themed hackathon, called the Government Innovation Challenge

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