WRC National Preparatory Working Group.

South Africa's overall policy objective is to make spectrum available on a basis that is as technology neutral as practicable, and to achieve Radiocommunication recommendations that will facilitate implementation of South Africa's spectrum management policy and practice.

South Africa promotes these objectives through the participation of its delegations in international and regional radiocommunications fora.

The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) has overall responsibility for South African involvement in ATU and ITU management policy. At a domestic level the ICASA is mandated by the ICASA Act 13 of 2000, sub-section 4(3)(c) to manage the radio-frequency spectrum in accordance with bilateral agreements or international treaties entered into by the Republic.

The DCDT has established a standing National Preparatory Working Group (NPWG) to prepare for World Radiocomminucation Conferences (WRCs). This consultative process is facilitated through the Department in conjunction with ICASA. The intention is to provide guidance on the development of briefs, positions, and input contribution documents in preparation for ITU-R and ATU radiocommunication related meetings.

This process has served South Africa very well over many years where industry representatives have made extensive contributions to the development of South African delegation briefs, contributions, and participation in South African delegations to regional and international meetings.

Any conclusions, positions, and proposals developed in the NPWG and its working groups are not binding unless they conform to an already existing national policy position. All conclusions, positions, and proposals developed by these groups are recommendations to the DCDT and are generally non-binding positions and subject to formal endorsement by the Minister.

The group’s responsibilities with regards to WRC include:

  •  the development of advice and recommendations, as necessary, to the NPWG and DCDT on WRC related matters;

  •  managing the development of South Africa’s positions and proposals on WRC agenda items;

  •  harmonizing positions and proposals within the African region and other regions; and

  •  reviewing agenda items for subsequent WRCs and other non-Study Group related agenda items.